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3 Aug 2018

Symposium on Disclusion Time Reduction

Disclusion Time-DTR

The program was conducted at RRDCH Auditorium on 03/08/2018 between 10:00am – 01:30pm.

Dean, Dr. Edwin Devadoss, addressed the gathering. Dr. Prafulla Thumati, MDS, Phd introduced the Guest speaker Dr. Robert. B.Kerstein , DMD.

Dean Dr. Edwin Devadoss and Executive Director Dr. Vijayanand Felicitated Dr Robert. B.Kerstein and Dr. Prafulla Thumati.

All together attendees, including Medical and Dental college faculties, Post graduates and interns were around 220 members.

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) occurs as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ) and surrounding facial muscles. Common treatment included Medication, Splints, and Physiotherapy etc.

But with the advancement in Digital Technology, the evolution of T-Scan and EMG Gadgets helps to resolve these TMD problems in a more scientific manner.

TMD and its relation to Occlusion is scientifically proven with the help of T-Scan and EMG. The treatment is more objective unlike the other methods discussed.

We, at RRDCH, have full fledged Orofacial Pain Clinic with T-Scan, EMG, JVA, Jaw Tracker and Quadra Tens. The recent and more effective and scientifically proven treatment is Disclusion Time Reduction-DTR.

It was a great opportunity to understand DTR in depth from the inventor of DTR, Dr. Robert B. Kerstein.

Dr. Robert B. Kerstein highlightened the concept of DTR. He briefed about Anatomy and Neurophysiology of TMJ. He told about the uses of T-Scan and EMG in TMD.DTR therapy was discussed in detail. He presented few of his Case Reports.

Later, Dr. Prafulla Thumati, enlightened us with a Live Demo of T-Scan .

Dr. Robert B. Kerstein, DMD, is a Pioneer and academic science advocate for digital Occlusal technology. Dr. Kerstein has conducted original research regarding the role that occlusion and lengthy disclusion time plays in the etiology of Chronic Occlusal – Muscle Dysfunction.
Dr. Kerstein maintains a successful private practice in Boston, Massachusetts, that is limited to prosthodontics, computerized Occlusal analysis, and Occlusal- muscle dysfunction.

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