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The replacement of missing teeth and associated structures due to congenital reasons or due to disease, surgery, aging or accident is the responsibility of the department of prosthodontics. Through dental prosthesis, not only are the teeth replaced, but also form and function of surrounding areas such as lips and cheeks is restored.

The department conducts student training in two stages – pre-clinical and clinical prosthodontics. Teaching is conducted at the UG and PG level and the department is also recognized as a Ph.D centre. The department is well equipped with the latest Lab equipment such as all ceramic furnace, sterio microscope, anatomical articulators, to replace everything from a single tooth to the complete set, special procedures include dental implantology and maxillofacial prosthesis. Several research projects are underway including animal studies. The department is closely associated with oro facial pain clinic and study occlusal disharmony and TM joint disorders with help of the newly acquired T-Scan and EMG. The faculty can boast about their numerous international and national publications and about the achievement of their P.G’s. Future plans include starting courses in bite scan, long term research projects in implants.

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