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19 Nov 2021

World Radiology Day Celebrations 2021

November 8th is being celebrated as “World Radiology Day” which marks the beginning of journey of X-rays as they were discovered on this day by Sir Wilhem Conrad Roentgen on this day in 1895, Professor Roentgen was working with cathode rays using evacuated glass bulbs. He noted that when a current passed across the bulb a barium platinocyanide screen fluoresced and further more he noted the effect of phenomenon on photographic plate. He termed this discovery “X-ray”, for which he was awarded with Nobel prize in physics in 1901.Roentgen is considered as the father of diagnostic radiology.

Radiology has come some far in 126 years with incredible advancements, Radiographers worldwide used this day and the days around the date to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare and as a chance to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and therapy.

On this momentous occasion we the faculty, post graduate students and the radiology technicians at the department of Oral medicine and Radiology, Raja Rajeshwari Dental College and Hospital celebrated this day with this year’s theme of ‘INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY’. To commemorate the occasion we together organised and participated in RADIOLOGY WEEK titled “256 shades of gray-spot radio & reply”. From 15.11.21- 18.11.21 had radiology interpretation week& Oral Radiology quiz titled “ quiz o mania” related to various topics in oral radiology which was a great learning experience. Also organized a scientific session lecture titled ‘ An insight into maxillofacial imaging’ on 19.11.2021.