Lab Technician Careers In India

Lab Technician Careers In India – A Short Review

It is an interesting career if you are up for diagnosis of conditions, diseases or illnesses through medical tests. As a laboratory technician you need to carry out the tests and evaluate the samples for the presence of disease causing microorganisms. Though you do not interact with the patient directly, you get to work on the samples sent by them after recommendation of certain tests by the consulting doctors.

Work Area
A lab technician obviously has to work in the laboratory with his microscope and other instruments. He could be a general technician or a specialist in particular subject like chemistry, microbiology and more. There is scope for both kinds because its ultimately helping physicians and specialists treat their patients accurately. Most of the testing laboratories are located either in the hospitals or nearby. These days a lot diagnostic centres are cropping up across various parts of the city, creating umpteen job opportunities for lab technicians particularly in metros. Lab Technician Career In India

Work Type
A lab technician or medical technologists as they are known certainly have a vital role to play because the treatment that the doctors does on the patients is based solely on the test results. Other than lab technicians, work areas also include conducting research but after adequate training by expert researchers.

A lab technician has to play a crucial role, so attention and focus is the primary requirement. Whatever work is undertaken, has to be performed under strict discipline and meticulousness. High anlaytical skills, instrumentation knowledge, stress management ability and timely schedule are also needed to be a skilled lab technician.

To become a laboratory technician in India a diploma or bachelors degree is the mandatory. Either you could go for DMLT or BSc (MLT) or BMLT. You need to pass your 12th class to be eligible for the diploma or degree course. There are numerous colleges across India offering lab technician undergraduate and post graduate courses. Certificate courses are also available.

If research and development in the field of medical sciences interests you, a career as a medical technologists or lab technician is definitely the path to tread. Having said that, you also need to understand that the career requires a lot concentration and accuracy in work and is no cake walk. So, tread the path, if you have the passion for it and are ready to take up any hurdles that come in the way.

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