All you need to Know about Dentures in India

Dentures are used for restoring your smile and helping you eat and speak properly when your natural teeth fade away due to injury, decay, aging, to name a few. Dentures also help you maintain your looks because losing teeth can cause snagging of muscles of your face, as they are quite a close match to your natural teeth. There are different types of dentures available –

Dentures in India

  • Immediate Denture – This denture can be instantly fitted into the mouth after your teeth are removed and you need to go without a denture for even a day. Only a bit of relining is needed once the jaws are healed.
  • Conventional Denture – This is the traditional denture that is placed inside your mouth once the teeth are removed and the tissues have healed. This process could take over a month or several months at times.
  • Over Denture – At times some teeth are strong and do not require to be removed. They apparently help to maintain the jaw bone. Hence, an over-denture is used at it fits over the few natural teeth. Implants are another alternative for the same.

It’s good to have a few visits to the dentist even after the dentures are fixed. So, that if there is any sort of an issue with proper placement or fixation, the dentist can examine and fix it. A denture at first might feel a bit uncomfortable and uneasy. It might take a while for you to get used to it. You might also struggle when it comes to keeping them in place. Another change is that the saliva secretion might increase for some-time. Dentures can cause some soreness or irritation. But if this soreness as well as irritation prevails, it’s advisable that you go and meet up your dentist.

Maintenance of Dentures
A good dental hygiene is always a smart idea, irrespective of whether you are wearing dentures or not. Here are a few tips on denture care –

  • Use a toothbrush with a soft bristle while gently brushing it. The cleaner also needs to be of non -abrasive nature. Also, brush your cheeks, tongue, interiors of your mouth properly so as to remove the food particles and plaque deposits from dentures and other areas inside the mouth.
  • When you are not using the denture it needs to be kept covered inside water to avoid warping.
  • Many wearers feel comfortable using denture adhesive forms like strips, liquids, powder, etc. A good idea is to read the instructions carefully before using them.
  • Rinse your dentures regularly for removal of debris or food particles.
  • Use products like adhesives and cleansers only after consulting your dentist and always choose products that come with ADA acceptance Seal.

Well, using dentures can be a task initially but once you get used to wearing them they can be very useful to you as mentioned earlier. The maintenance of dentures properly will help you keep your dental issues at bay and even increase the life of the denture.

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