Cavities In Indian Children – On the Rise

Cavities In Indian Children

As per survey reports across 5 cities of India, Cavities in Children in India is considerably higher than ever before. Pediatric Orthodontists though say that it is largely preventable with the right oral care and eating habits. These days parents find children around 5 -6 years of age complaining of tooth pain. This is mostly due to the condition called Cavities. As per statistics over 40% of the children between two and 11 years are most likely to have cavities with their baby teeth and over 20% between six and 11 years with permanent teeth.

Fast Foods – No, its not chocolates or candies but its junk food like burgers, pizzas and noodles. Foods with high sugar or starch contents make up of the acid producing bacterias that in turn start eating the outer surface of the tooth or enamel. Exposure to such attacks of bacteria leads to early decay as the tooth starts losing its minerals.
Hereditary – Not exactly hereditary because, its not by birth but by use of same tooth brush or use of the same spoon from mother to child usually. Repeated use of the same spoon or brush is like transporting decay causing bacteria to your child’s teeth.

Avoid sugary candies, sweets and fast food like pizzas, burgers or noodles or atleast limit your child’s consumption of it.
Avoid excess consumption of starchy and foods loaded with refined carbohydrates like chips, pasta or bread.
Aerated drinks are loaded with phosphorous and carbonation besides high sugar content that has the ability to wear away your teeth.

Its always great to work at grass root levels as the habits developed at this stage would carry on across a lifetime. Here are few tips on developing a habit of oral hygeine amongst your toddlers.
Brush teeth twice a day.
Gargle after eating and having milk
Visit the dentist at least once in six months
Limit snacks between meals
Avoid eating something post brushing at night

In a nutshell, inculcating oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle amongst your children is one way to dodge the cavity monster away from your kids.

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