Dental College Admissions 2019 – Your Checklist To Choose The Best Suit For You

The field of dentistry is already booming in India and globalization has opened doors to endless opportunities in dentistry across the globe. A five year course including mandatory internship, after which you may go for higher education as in masters in India or abroad or pursue a job or private practice. Once you clear your 12th in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English and crack the entrance exam for the same, you are eligible for admission to BDS.


Though while choosing a college for BDS it is advisable to consider a few vital points that will help you get the best suit for you. Here’s a run-down those vital points

Ranking – While college rankings do matter and is one of the important criteria you could have some flexibility around the same as far as other vital factors like infrastructure and education standards of the institute do matter. If the college has its own dental setup for practical learning and it’s doing well. That is one criteria that needs to be kept in mind ahead of ranking at times.

Infrastructure – Infrastructure of a college is one of the most important points you need to consider when choosing a college. Infrastructure does play an important role even influencing the rankings of the college. If the infrastructure is good enough you will love to learn because infrastructure makes up for the learning environment.

Education Standards – You’ll get a lot of information around the college education standards by word of mouth. It’s a good idea to talk to someone who has completed education from the college or has been studying for a while in the college.

Location – Location does matter primarily because many students taking up the course would be living away from their home or comfort zone. Again it’s not a short term course. It might require you to spend around four to five years at the location. So, do keep this factor in mind when you shortlist your dental college.

Making a career choice is primarily is about doing or pursuing what you love to do the most, only then can you excel in doing it, so choosing the right college is necessary but what is utmost necessary is your interest. So, do put that point at the top of your checklist as well.

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