Inauguration of Radiology and Cardiology Blocks

Inauguration of Radiology and Cardiology Blocks

Inauguration of Radiology and Cardiology Blocks

Former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was at the campus of RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital on 26th April, Friday for the 3rd Graduation Day. He also consented to inaugurate the Newly built up , Ultra Sophisticated Radiology and Cardiology Units and dedicated it to the society. Dr. Abdul Kalam, after inauguration, showed keen interest in the working of various machines and interacted with the staff present.
Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital has made a commitment to the society. The commitment to make super specialty health care services accessible to everyone especially the under-privileged. With a determination to fulfill our pledge, we are very proud to inform you all that we have come up with the state – of – art Radiology And Cardiology Units, to serve our patients better.
Built on the area of 1 lakh sq.ft , with a whopping investment of 12 crores in the land itself, both the departments have latest equipments worth 20 crores and trained, dedicated staff. Most services are offered to the poor at just one third of the cost charged in other hospitals.
Radiology Unit :
1. CT Scan ( Somatom Perspective ) with 128 slices

2. MRI ( Magnetom Avento )
A landmark MRI with 1.5 Tesla with whole body imaging. Latest Technology ( TIM + DOT ) integrated system.

Apart from these, we also have the ultra sound and mammogram facilities.

Cardiology Unit :

1. Interventional Cardiology – X – Ray angiography system

2. Cath Lab Artis zee – Floor Latest version with high resolution flat detector

3. With 100 kW generator and MEGALIX cat Plus X – Ray tube with new flat emitter technology.