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Recognised by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK for part 1 & 2 MFDS Examinations


AQAR 2021-22

1.1.1 Minutes of Meeting of the College Curriculum Committee
1.3.1A List of Cource
1.4.1A Feedback Analysis Report
1.4.2 Stakeholder Feedback Report
2.2.3 Appropriate Documentary Evidence for Extramural and Beyond Classroom Activities
2.3.1A Learning Environment Facilities with Geotagged Photographs
2.3.1B Relevant Information For Student-Centric Learning Methods
2.3.3A ICT-Enabled Tools Used for Teaching and Learning
2.3.3B List of Teachers Using Ict-Enabled Tools
2.3.3C LMS And Academic Management System
2.3.3D Relevant Information for ICT-Enabled Tools for Teaching-Learning Process
2.3.5 Documentary Evidence for Students_ Creativity, Analytical Skills and Innovation
2.5.1A Academic Calendar
2.5.1B Dates of Conduct of Internal Examinations
2.5.1C Relevant Information for Continuous Internal Evaluation
2.5.3A Information on Examination Reforms
2.5.3B Relevant Information on Examination Reforms
2.6.1A Relevant Documents Pertaining to Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes
2.7.1 Database of Enrolled Students
2.6.4A Proceedings of Parent Teachers Meeting
2.6.4B Follow-up-Reports on Action Taken and Outcome Analysis
2.6.4C Relevant Information Parent Teacher Committee
2.6.4C Relevant Information Parent Teacher Committee
3.1.3 Link for Funding Agencies Websites
3.2.1A Details of The Facilities and Innovations Made
3.2.1B Relevant Information for Initiatives for Creation and Transfer of Knowledge
3.3.3 Publications with Link to Journal Webpage
3.4.3A List of Awards for Extension Activities
3.4.3B E-Copies of The Award Letters for Extension Activities
3.4.3C Relevant-Information Description of Awards for Extension Activities
3.4.4A Institutional Social Responsibility Activities
3.4.4B Relevant Information for Institutional Social Responsibility Activities
4.1.1A List of Available Teaching-learning Facilities
4.1.1B – Geotagged Photographs of Teaching-learning Facilities
4.1.1C Relevant Information for Teaching-learning Facilities
4.1.2A List of Available Sports and Cultural Facilities
4.1.2B Geotagged Photographs of Sports and Cultural Facilities
4.1.3A Geotagged Photographs of Campus Facilities-min
4.1.3B Relevant Information for Campus Facilities
4.2.1A Geotagged Photographs of Teaching Hospital and Equipments
4.2.1B List of Facilities Available for Patient Care Teaching-learning and Research
4.2.2 Link to Hospital Records and Hospital Management Information System
4.3.1A Geotagged Photographs of Library Facilities
4.3.1B Relevant Information for Library Management System
4.3.2A Data on Acquisition of Books and Journals
4.3.2B Geotagged Photographs of Library Ambience
4.3.2C Relevant Information for Library Learning Resources
4.3.5A Details of Library Usage by Teachers and Students
4.3.5B Details of Learner Sessions and Library User Programmes Organized
4.3.5C Relevant Information for in-person and Remote Access Usage of Library
4.3.6 Links to Documents of E-contents Used
4.4.2 Documents Related to Updation of I.t and Wi-fi Facilities
4.5.2A Minutes of the Meetings of the Maintenance Committee
4.5.2B Logbook and Records Regarding Maintenance Works
5. 1. 2 Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes-min
5.1.4 International Student Cell
5.3.2A Reports of Student Council Activities
5.3.2B Relevant Information
5.4.1A Registration of Alumni Association
5.4.1B Activities of Alumni Association
5.4.1C Minutes of Meeting of Alumni Association
5.4.1D Quantum of Financial Contribution
5.4.1E Audited Statement of Accounts of Alumni Association
5.1.3 Program Report on Training in Competitive Examinations
5.1.5 Minutes of Meetings of Student Grievance Redressal Committee
6.1.1A Vision and Mission Documents
6.1.1B Achievements Which Led to Institutional Excellence
6.1.1C Relevant Information for Institutional Excellence
6.1.2A Relevant Document for College Management Structure – Governing Council
6.1.2B Relevant Information for College Management Structure – Organogram
6.2.1A Minutes of Meeting of Governing Council
6.2.1B Strategic Plan Document
6.2.1C Relevant Information for Rules, Norms and Guidelines
6.3.1A Policy Document on Welfare Measures
6.3.1B List of Beneficiaries of Welfare Measures
6.3.1C Relevant Document for Welfare Measures – Hrm Manual
6.3.5A Performance Appraisal System
6.3.5B Relevant Information for Appraisal System – Sample Documents
6.4.1A Resource Mobilization Policy Document
6.4.1B Procedures for Optimal Resource Utilization
6.3.1A Policy Document on Welfare Measures
6.4.1C Relevant Information for Resource Mobilization and Utilization
6.4.2A Documents Pertaining to Internal and External Audits
6.4.2B Relevant Information – Balance Sheets
6.5.1A Structure and Mechanism of Internal Quality Assurance
6.5.1B Relevant Information for Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism
7.1.2A Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan
7.1.2B Specific Facilities for Women
7.1.3 Geotagged Photographs of Energy Conservation Devices
7.1.4A Agreement, Mou With Government for Waste Management
7.1.4B Geotagged Photographs of Waste Disposal
7.1.5 Geotagged Photographs of Water Conservation Facilities
7.1.6 Geotagged Photographs of Green Campus Initiatives
7.1.8A Supporting Document for Inclusive Environment
7.1.8B Relevant Information for Inclusive Environment
7.1.9-Handbook on Code of Conduct
7.2.1A Institutional Best Practices
7.2.1B Relevant Information for Institutional Best Practices
7.3.1A Institutional Distinctiveness
8.1.4A Orientation Circulars
8.1.4B Programme Report of Orientation Programmes
8.1.8A List and Steps Taken to Measure Attainment of Specific Competencies by Bds Students
8.1.8B Geotagged Photographs Of Osce,Ospe
8.1.8C List of Competencies to Be Attained by Bds Students
8.1.12A List of Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on Emerging Trends
8.1.12B List of Teachers Who Participated in Seminars on Recent Trends
8.1.10 Dental Graduate Attributes
Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes

AQAR 2020-21

1.1.1 Minutes of meeting of curriculum committee
1.1.1a Effective Curriculum Planning
1.3.1 List of course
1.4.1A Feedback Analysis Report
1.4.2 Stakeholder Feedback Report
2.1.3 E-copies of admission letters
2.2.3a Documentary Evidence of extramural activities
2.2.3b Relevant information – description of activities
2.3.1A Learning Environment Facilities with Geotagged Photographs
2.3.1B Relevant Information For Student-Centric Learning Methods
2.3.3 LMS, Academic management system
2.3.3A ICT-Enabled Tools Used for Teaching and Learning
2.3.3b List of teachers using ICT enabled tools
2.3.5 Documentary Evidence for nuturing creativity, analytical skills and innovation
2.5.3 Information on examination reforms
2.6.1a Learning outcomes and graduate attributes
2.6.4a Proceedings of PTM
2.6.4b Follow-up reports on action taken and outcome analysis of PTM
2.7.1 Online student satisfaction survey regarding teaching learning process
3.2.1 Details of facilities and innovations made
3.3.3 List of papers published
3.4.3a List of awards for extension activities
3.4.3b e-copies of the award letters for extension activities

5.1.2 Link to institutional website regarding Capability enhancement schemes
5.1.3 Report of training and guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling programmes
5.1.4 international student cell
5.1.5 Minutes of meeting of student grievance redressal committee
5.3.1 E-copies of cultural and sports awards
5.3.2 Reports on student council activities
5.4.1a Registration of alumni association
5.4.1b Details of alumni association acitivities
5.4.1c Minutes of meeting of Alumni association
5.4.1d Quantum of financial contribution
5.4.1e Audited statement of accounts of Alumni association
6.2.1 Minutes of meeting of Governing Council
6. 2. 1a Organisation structure
6.2.1b Strategic plan document
6. 3. 1a Staff welfare measures
6.3.1b List of Beneficiaries of welfare measures
6.3.1c HRM manual
6.4.1a Resource mobilisation policy
6.4.1b Procedures for optimal resource utilization
6. 4. 2a Internal audit _ External Audit
6. 4. 2b NAAC Balance sheet
7.1.2 Annual gender sensitization action plan
7.1.2 Facilities provided for women
7.1.3 Geotagged Photos of energy conservation devices
7.1.4a Agreements and MoUs with Government for waste management
7.1.4b Geotagged photographs of waste management facilities
7.1.5 Geotagged Photos of water conservation facilities
7.1.6 Geotagged Photos of greeen campus facilities
7.1.2a Annual gender sensitization action plan
7.1.2b Facilities provided for women
7.1.4b Geotagged photographs of waste management facilities
7.1.8 Supporting documents for inclusive environment
7.1.9 Code of Conduct Handbook
7.2.1 Institutional best Practices
7.3.1 Institutional distinctiveness
8.1.10 Dental graduate attributes
8.1.12a List of seminars, conferences and workshops in Dental education technology
8.1.12b List of teacher who participated in seminars, conferences and workshops in dental education technology
8.1.4a Orientation circulars
8.1.4b Programme reports of orientation and fresher courses
8.1.8a Steps taken to measure attainment of specific competencies
8.1.8b Geotagged photographs of objective methods
8.1.8c List of competencies
Learning outcomes and course outcomes

AQAR 2019-20

Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) – Previous Years